Support group

For more than 15 years, The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh has offered birthparents an opportunity to get to know and talk with other birthparents. These support groups are open to anyone, whether you have received services from The Children’s Home or not. The groups are a safe place where birthparents can meet and share their experiences.

The birthparent groups are open to:

  • Birthmothers or birthfathers who haven’t decided what they are going to do
  • Birthmothers or birthfathers who have decided to place their baby for adoption
  • Birthmothers or birthfathers who have placed their baby for adoption, in the past or recently
  • Close family members and friends of birthmothers and birthfathers

The birthparent support groups take place at The Children’s Home and pizza is provided. A birthparent counselor is there to facilitate. We welcome you to contact The Children’s Home for a schedule of meetings.

Some birthparents may feel uncomfortable attending a group, but still want to talk with another birthparent one-on-one. If you prefer this, we are happy to make arrangements for you to do so. Simply call Brittany or Ranisa at 412-441-4884 or email us at

One-on-one counseling

The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh offers a lifetime of support services for birthparents who have received services through The Children’s Home. We know that at different times in a birthparent’s life, struggles may arise. If this happens, you are always welcome to contact a birthparent counselor through The Children’s Home and can receive counseling services for as long as you need.

Fee-for-service birthparent counseling

If you did not work with The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh, but placed a baby though an attorney or other agency, counseling services are still available for you. To learn more, contact Brittany or Ranisa at 412-441-4884 or This counseling is available regardless of how long ago you placed your baby. It is intended to be short term and focused on issues pertaining to the adoption. Please feel free to ask about scholarship funding that may be available if you need help paying for the counseling.

Birthparent Resources

The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh’s adoption staff recommends various books and websites to birthparents who have placed a baby for adoption, are in the midst of the adoption process, or who are trying to decide whether placing their baby for adoption is the right choice. These sources are reliable and offer non-biased information and support.


“Dear Birthmother” by Kathleen Silber and Phylis Speedlin
“A Birthparent’s Book of Memories” by Brenda Romanchik
“The Open Adoption Experience-A Complete Guide for Adoptive and Birth Families” by Lois Ruskai Melina
You may also visit any of the Carnegie Libraries for great books listed in Pregnancy Nonfiction.


Open Adoption Resources and Support

Offers Retreats and Support for Birthparents