Fee-for-Service Post Adoption Counseling

Family Counseling

Children understand adoption differently at each stage of their lives, and different questions and issues arise. The Children’s Home offers counseling to parents to support them through answering their child’s questions and can also help children discuss and understand their feelings related to their adoption. The counselor can also help identify and access any additional help their child may need.

Counseling for Adopted Individuals

For adults who were adopted as infants or children, life’s transitional stages such as going to college, beginning a career, marriage, the birth of a child or coping with an ill parent can bring adoption-related issues to the surface. The Children’s Home provides counseling that can help adopted individuals understand themselves better and gain confidence to move forward with their lives.

Open Adoption Facilitation:

The Children’s Home has been offering open adoption to birth and adoptive families for over 30 years and is prepared to help families navigate their relationships over time. Whether an open adoption is legally enforceable or not, relationships change over time and it is important for everyone involved to be comfortable with those changes. The Children’s Home’s counselors help families find new ways to relate to each other, especially the adoptive child. If there is an open adoption contract in place, the staff can help the family make decisions about whether or not to make formal changes to the contract and can facilitate those changes.

Ready to get started?

For more information about The Children’s Home’s Adoption Counseling services, contact Erika Schmitt, Director of Adoption and Permanency Services, at 412-441-4884 or eschmitt@chomepgh.org