The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh & Lemieux Family Center is happy to share its Program Service Statement, which includes our Community Benefit and Community Needs Health Assessment outcomes.

Community Benefit

2012 Community Benefit and Needs Report

2013 Community Benefit and Needs Report: Part 1
2013 Community Benefit and Needs Report: Part 2

2014 Community Benefit Report

The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh provides a plethora of community benefits to the neighboring communities. The community benefits are programs or activities that educate, promote health, increase residents’ knowledge about healthcare, and improve the overall health of the community. These programs, along with a variety of community building activities, help by creating better-educated families who can look to The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh for support and resources.

The Children’s Home provided $1,210,571 in community benefit
in fiscal year 2014:

  • The estimated under reimbursement for services provided was $760,584
  • The estimated costs associated with charity care was $249,000
  • The estimated costs associated with nursing students was $190,368
  • The total benefit from Grand Rounds educational forums was $2,037
  • The total community benefit of our adoption programs was $8,582

Community Health Needs Assessment

The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh has assessed the needs of its community as an organization for the third time in 2018. A Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) was conducted from September 2017 to May 2018 by executive management and the CHNA Committee. A survey was developed to determine top healthcare needs to be prioritized based on opinion of Allegheny County residents. The survey was provided to residents through education institutions, healthcare providers, and community organizations.

The Children’s Home focused on peer-facilitated support group models for families of medically fragile children as a result of the CHNA, pursuant with the community’s prioritization of “support for families of special needs children.” This programming was chosen based on the internal resources available at The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh, in addition to outside resources and the possibility of collaborating with outside organizations to create new programs.

2018 Community Health Needs Assessment & Implementation Plan


*If you have any questions or comments about our Community Benefit or Community Needs Assessment Process, please contact Kim Phillips, Chief Financial Officer at