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The instant you walk into The Children’s Home, you’ll feel welcome and a part of our small family.

You can expect us to be upfront and communicative with you about your child’s care plan. Your child’s care team of nurses, physicians, and social workers will round every day at 10 a.m. to discuss their progress and yours. A clear education plan will be laid out so you can see the progress you’re making while in our facility.


Financial Assistance Statement

All hospital patients accepted for treatment at The Children’s Home receive care whether or not they or their family can pay for it. The Children’s Home does have a billing system, but hospital patients do not receive bills. If the patient has insurance, The Children’s Home bills the insurance plan or other organization that pays health costs. The Children’s Home does not try to collect any unpaid money from any patient or patient family. All hospital patients are automatically qualified for this financial help.

We’re the only bridge in Pittsburgh that will safely take you from the hospital to home

To our staff, you’re not just another patient or parent to take care of, you’re someone to get to know and help. We know your child comes first, and we want to make sure you have all the tools you need to be a successful parent or caregiver. We believe that you and your child do best in an environment that is welcoming and designed to heal. That’s why we accommodate you in spacious rooms where you can nest at your child’s bedside or in the Lemieux Family Center. If you can’t be with your child at all times, trained staff are there to provide necessary care, and certified clinical volunteers are there to provide comfort, snuggles, and playtime while you’re away.

While we work with you on education, we’ll identify equipment that you will need in your home, and get all of your follow-up appointments scheduled. We want you to leave us feeling empowered and independent.

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"I am so thankful that The Children’s Home was made available to me and my son. I honestly believe his speedy recovery was solely based on the excellent loving care we both received while here. All of the staff, down to the security, was amazing. If anyone I know ever needs extended care after having a baby, I would recommend this place in a heartbeat. Thank you all so much!"

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