“I welcome the opportunity to work with the staff at The Children’s Home to create a Center for Excellence for CVI assessment and treatment. I am pleased to have been embraced by this wonderful organization and I look forward to treating more children and families in this lovely and warm environment.”

Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy

PVP at The Children’s Home Offers

  1. Functional vision assessments for infants and children with visual impairment or, suspected visual impairment.
  2. Developmental evaluation for infants and children.
  3. Consultations with families regarding early intervention or educational services, if requested.
  4. Collaboration with pediatric medical specialists, as needed.
  5. A training program for PT, OT, and SPLT to conduct CVI assessments.
  6. A resource for families with children who have CVI, enabling them to have access to and to learn techniques and therapies that will be helpful in maximizing their child’s vision.
  7. A support program for families to access helpful information about CVI.

To learn more about PVP or to schedule an appointment, email pediatricVIEW@chomepgh.org or call (412) 441-4884.

PVP served families and children with CVI from across the U.S. and internationally. The evaluation process generally includes a two-hour CVI range assessment. Families then receive a completed evaluation form and a detailed summary with recommendations for intervention supports.

PVP’s new location at our facility offers a beautifully outfitted and comfortable exam room located on our second floor.