“Prior to our first meeting with Dr. Roman my son’s academic and therapeutic team were unable to make any meaningful progress with him. Dr. Roman has been a single ray of hope in what seemed like a very bleak path for my son.”

Barbara Lopez Avila, Ph.D. , Florida

PVP at The Children’s Home Offers

  • The CVI Range functional vision assessment protocol.
  • Developmental and educational perspectives and collaboration with providers (Dr. Roman-Lantzy has an extensive background in both areas).
  • Consultations with families beyond the assessment, if requested
  • Consultation and collaboration with medical providers, if requested.
  • Opportunities for training in CVI assessment and intervention for educational and therapeutic providers.
  • A resource for families to help with integration of CVI supports across daily routines.
  • A support program to connect families with the greater CVI community.

* Financial assistance and scholarships are available *

“In a world where CVI is the leading cause of vision impairment in children in the US, kids and families are so lucky to have you.”

Kristin Cooper

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