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What is the cost to attend?

The cost to attend is typically $40 per day or less. The cost for each child’s care is broken down into two portions: child care fees and medical service fees.

Child Care Fees

The child care fee is $40 per day and is the responsibility of each child’s parent(s) and/or guardians. If a family is not able to afford all or some of the child care fee, financial support is available due to the generosity of The Children’s Home’s donors and supporters. Child’s Way staff will also provide information about how to attain monies through the Child Care Works Program managed by the Early Learning Resource Center.

Medical Service Fees

The medical component of Child’s Way is reimbursed by health insurance. As a part of the Admission process, each child’s health insurance needs to provide approval for services at Child’s Way. The charges to health insurance are determined by the complexity of the medical care required by each patient. Child’s Way has contracts with the majority of insurance companies in the tri-state area and will be happy to assist families with contacting their insurance companies to obtain approval.

To learn if your child or client may qualify to attend Child’s Way, fill-out our Child’s Way Inquiry form or contact Child’s Way at or 412-441-4884.

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