What our employees are saying…

“Since I began working at The Children’s Home over 20 years ago, I have greatly appreciated the supportive environment that the agency has always provided me. I have also had the privilege of working with birth, foster, and adoptive families throughout their adoption journey. Not only has it been wonderful to work with them, but I have had the benefit of learning from them as well.”

Joe Ritacco

Permanency Social Worker

“I really enjoy working with my co-workers in the Adoption & Permanency Department because we are all such a small, close-knit group, that really support each other. Working for The Children’s Home really has a family atmosphere and made me feel like I fit in and had a purpose.”

Amanda Lowe

Permanency Supervisor

“From the administrative side, it is rewarding to work for an organization whose mission of supporting children and families is offered through such a variety of services. Through my 8 years here, I have enjoyed being a resource for staff members and it has been privilege to be able to support those that do our work.”

Daniel Clements

Benefits & Compliance Manager

“I love working at The Children’s Home because it brings me joy to help the kids overcome obstacles and strive to reach their full potential.”

Rachel Devine

Teacher in Child's Way


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