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"We're part of a community at Child’s Way. Raising a kid takes a village. Raising a medically fragile kid takes a strong community. Child’s Way gives us that. The program wants the best for your child, and that makes all the difference in our lives."

Amanda, Allie's mom
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Why Child’s Way?

There are other Pediatric Extended Care Centers in the Pittsburgh area, but none are Keystone Stars accredited like us. We voluntarily participate in this program and have received the highest level of honor (4 out of 4 stars) because we want to make sure every child has the opportunity to meet milestones and live an enriched life.

As a parent, you can know that your child is being taken care of and their medical needs are being met by our nurses on staff. Teachers and nurses work together to provide education-focused lessons and quality nursing care throughout the day. Child’s Way is affordable, costing only $40 per day with financial aid available for those who qualify.

If you take a peek inside our classrooms, you’ll see we look like a daycare first and not a medical facility. That’s because we want your child to feel comfortable, safe and happy while in Child’s Way. You’d see circle time, singing and dancing, and a child receiving a gastrostomy tube feeding from a nurse and occupational and speech therapy over lunch while interacting with their peers.

Daily lesson plans, scheduled activities, and play are all part of the curriculum. Nursing care therapies, treatments, and procedures are built into the day as well.

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