The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh’s Pediatric Specialty Hospital was originally founded in 1984 as Transitional Infant Care Hospital (TIC), to care for premature and medically fragile infants who were transitioning from a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to home. In 2007, TIC expanded its unique model of care to serve patients up to age 21 and became the Pediatric Specialty Hospital.

The Pediatric Specialty Hospital – the only hospital of its kind in Pennsylvania – provides family-centered care in a home-like atmosphere. Licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the Pediatric Specialty Hospital offers a transitional setting to bridge between hospital and home for infants, children and their families.


The Pediatric Specialty Hospital offers a hospital experience like no other. We address the special medical needs of infants and children in a comfortable, home-like environment. We support families by providing the teaching and dedicated spaces for families to learn, adjust, and spend time together.


Four hospital units make up the 30-bed Pediatric Specialty Hospital at The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh. The Pediatric Specialty Hospital cares for patients birth to age 21, who are transitioning from the hospital to home. The hospital meets each child’s medical needs while supporting family members through:

Medical Team

As our mission and philosophy state, the health and well-being of each child is dependent on the support and readiness of their family. To best support each child’s family while also providing high-quality medical care, the Pediatric Specialty Hospital maintains a low nurse to patient ratio. This ensures that nurses have ample time to learn about and address the individualized needs of each patient and their family, and parents and caregivers get to know the medical team well, too.

In addition to Registered Nurses, the Pediatric Specialty Hospital is supported by a team of medical professionals including: Nurse Practitioners, Social Workers, Pediatric Development Specialist, Discharge Case Manager, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Physical Therapists, and Patient Care Technicians. Parents and family caregivers are also seen as an integral part of the caregiving team for their child and are encouraged to participate whenever possible.

Continuity of care is critical to the health and well-being of each child. Thus, the same physicians who provided care for the child at the referring hospital oversee the patient care during daily rounds at the Pediatric Specialty Hospital. Each patient’s plan of care is continued seamlessly from the referring hospital to the Pediatric Specialty Hospital, further helping children and families prepare for the next transition in care.

Financial Assistance Statement

All hospital patients accepted for The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh’s treatment receive care whether or not they or their families can pay for it. The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh does have a billing system, but hospital patients do not receive bills. If the patient has insurance, The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh bills the insurance plan or other organization that pays health costs. The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh does not try to collect any unpaid money from any patient or patient family. All hospital patients are automatically qualified for this financial help.