Our experience with The Children’s Home has been amazing! Our caseworker has been so supportive and has answered all of our questions. She also has kept us in the loop the entire time in the matching process. I can’t say enough amazing things about this agency.

- Jessica, SWAN Adoptive Family

When we began working with The Children’s Home, my husband and I quickly learned that we had many (incorrect) preconceived notions about the foster care system and how it worked. Erika answered (and still answers) our questions quickly and completely while also being more than willing to support us through an unexpected kinship placement. We are thrilled that everyone at The Children’s Home is helping us to grow our family and, in the process, has become a part of our family themselves.

- Brooke, SWAN Adoptive Family

Each step along the way – certification, matching, and now actively fostering – my wife and I become more and more thankful that we chose The Children’s Home as our adoption agency. Our social worker Vicki is our biggest cheerleader and advocate and we can’t imagine going through this process without her.

- Athena, SWAN Adoptive Family

When we found out that I was pregnant, the baby’s father and I knew that an open adoption would be the best choice. We started researching agencies and, fortunately, The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh was recommended to us. One afternoon I made the call and was put in touch with a wonderful woman that would be our birthparent counselor. We were able to choose from a large selection of families and decided to meet with our top choice couple, who we instantly loved. The Children’s Home was there to help guide us along with no pressure and no judgments, even when the baby’s father and I opted to place our newborn daughter in transitional care to get some perspective on this important decision. They even put us in contact with other birthparents during this “in between” time and the transitional care mom would call to keep us informed. After following through with our initial plan and placing our baby with the couple, I was able to participate in support groups that helped me feel less alone. Adoption is the hardest decision I’ll ever have to make. Although it’s been worth the pain to see how happy and loved my daughter is, it has truly helped to have the excellent support that The Children’s Home provides.

- Rosie, Birthmother

We want to express our sincere gratitude to The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh. The adoption of our son, Braylon has been an incredible experience! From the moment we contacted The Children’s Home, we felt very welcomed and accepted. All of our questions were answered and believe me, we had a lot of them. We had met with several local adoption agencies and did plenty of research on adopting out-of-state as well, but kept coming back to The Children’s Home. Not only were we impressed by their honesty, professionalism and decades of experience, but we were comforted by the respect and care they have for the birth families during the entire process. It’s something adoptive families may not initially think about…but having a birth mother and father who are nurtured and well-educated on the adoption process, makes for a smooth transition for the baby and adoptive family for years to come. Our social worker, Joe Ritacco is extremely knowledgeable, caring and thoughtful. He was always just a phone call or email away if we had any questions or concerns. What an amazing journey this has been! We can’t thank The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh enough. Our family is finally complete!

- Adoptive Parents

I was pregnant with my third child at the age of 23 and I knew that with my finances, that I would not be able to support another baby. So, I did what I knew was best for the baby and got in touch with The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh. I loved my son with my whole heart and soul, I just knew that I couldn’t provide for him the right way. I can definitely say that not a day goes by that I don’t think of him, but I know he’s with a great family that can give the life I knew I wasn’t able to.

- Miki, Birthmother

After researching all of the adoption agencies in the Pittsburgh area we chose The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh based on their compassion for adoptive families as well as birth families. After meeting with the Director of Adoption, we knew The Children’s Home was right for us. The staff has always been upfront and honest with us about what to expect legally, emotionally, and financially.We couldn’t ask for a better experience! We are now the proud parents of a happy and healthy baby boy.

- Adoptive Parents

One of the very first calls I made when I found out that my teenaged daughter was pregnant, was to call an acquaintance of mine who I knew had been a counselor for birthmothers. I knew that my family was embarking on a journey that was bigger than anything we had dealt with in the past and that we would need support. I was immediately put in touch with an angel from The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh. We were given extensive information on each choice that was available to my daughter. We were given a hand to hold and a 24 hour, phone-call-away support system. After many months of soul searching and heartbreaking decisions, my daughter chose to place her beautiful baby girl with an adoptive family. She and the family have agreed to an open adoption, which means we receive updates and pictures and feel as though we are a part of her life. I do not want to give the impression that any of the days after that initial call were easy. They were not, and there are still many moments of deep sadness that come at unexpected times. The overwhelming feeling that comes up more often than any other is that adoption was the right choice for my daughter and for her child. My daughter made the most loving and unselfish decision a woman could make. It will soon be three years since that beautiful baby was born. As we approach that day, we know that if we need any support at all we still have our hand to hold and our 24 hour a day friends from The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh.

- Rita, Birthmother’s Mother

Being a parent isn’t always easy and being an adoptive parent does come with more challenges. Our children are 13 and 16, and through the years when issues came up and you didn’t know where to turn, we would call The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh. Through their guidance and counseling we made it through those difficult times. The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh has been like a family to us, always there when you need them the most.

- Adoptive Parents