Meet Jackson

Jackson is four years old. You can usually spot him with Lily, his trusted stuffed llama.


On a typical day, he’s having fun with his friends in Child’s Way, a daycare for medically fragile children at The Children’s Home. Together, they sing songs during Circle Time, pretend play, and learn from their teachers. It doesn’t matter that Jackson and his friends are medically fragile kids, because at Child’s Way nurses are always there to care for them.

Lately, however, life has been different. In all the craziness of the COVID-19 pandemic, Child’s Way was forced to shut down to prevent the spread of the virus. Fast forward to today, and for more than eleven weeks Jackson and his friends have been at home.

It’s a struggle. Like many kids, Jackson isn’t getting the daily new experiences he did only months ago. He misses his friends. And things like his therapy (which he typically got at Child’s Way) are harder to access.

jackson (21)  Erica Jackson

Being shutdown is hard for Child’s Way, too. The program is struggling financially. Many of the nurses and teachers that once filled classrooms are now furloughed. And costs continue to add up.

Right now, The Children’s Home is calling on its friends and supporters to help Child’s Way. The program is ready to open as fast as possible when permitted, but so kids like Jackson can receive the services they need to grow, we need a jumpstart.

Jackson uses a powerchair to get around. He moves and interacts differently with the world than typical children. But at Child’s Way, none of that matters. He can go on adventures, learn and thrive while his health needs are met. And when the time is right, Child’s Way will be there for Jackson. But Child’s Way needs your help first.

Please consider a gift to help Child’s Way. And thank you to all our friends who have been there to support.

Donations to Child’s Way can be made here: