A donation today can mean:

  • Free counseling for a birthmother through our Adoption & Permanency Services.
  • A scholarship for a child in need to attend Child’s Way, even if their family may not be able to afford it.
  • That a family never receives a medical bill for treatment and services received at the Pediatric Specialty Hospital, regardless of their insurance coverage or ability to pay out-of-pocket.
  • Free meals and overnight accommodations within our facility and Lemieux Family Center.
  • Free functional vision assessment to a child in need through our Pediatric VIEW Practice
  • Access to functional vision experts to consult with a child’s school or medical team including Christine Roman-Lantzy Ph.D.

These are only a few of the resources that our donors help us provide to children and families throughout our region. As a donor, you can feel good knowing your donation is going directly to the area of greatest need or the program of your choice. There is no donation too small to make a difference.

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