Robyn and Clint

Hello and thank you so much for reading.

We’re Robyn and Clint—fun-loving best friends who were married in a meadow next to a bouncy castle. We like spending time outdoors, whether walking through the city or tending to our tree-filled backyard. Our gentle lab, Haley, leads our pack, while our orange cats, Oscar and Tom, are more the indoor sort.

Though we both grew up in the Midwest, our family is spread across America, from California to Kansas, Minnesota to Tennessee, so we have lots of excuses to explore the country. We also like to visit more distant locales, most recently Australia and Puerto Rico.

Robyn Clint
Job: Editor Job: Team Manager
Education: Master’s Degree Education: Bachelor’s Degree
Family Info
Pets (and type of pets): 1 black lab mix and 2 orange kitties
Fun fact about your family: We got a tandem bike as a wedding gift and love riding it
As parents, we can’t wait to: Read, play and take our first family trip together!

About Robyn

I was raised by my mom, grandma, and an extended family of friends and “second moms” in a small town in Minnesota. My sweet, strong mama raised me to stand up for myself and be open to new experiences, which are values I carry into adulthood. Though my parents divorced when I was a toddler, my dad’s remarriages blessed me with three brothers who I’m close with, even though we weren’t raised together. One of them has given me the world’s cutest niece and nephew (twins), who I could just squeeze forever.

As a kid, I was an A student and cross-country runner who wore different colored socks and had blue hair just to be different. While I’ve (mostly) grown out of that sort of display, I still fiercely value independence and diversity of viewpoints, and I respect anybody who follows their heart.

In college, I earned a degree in English writing and German language, then decided to get a master’s degree in writing at Pitt, which is what brought me to Pittsburgh almost 10 years ago. After grad school, I taught college writing, then chose to pursue a career in editing. I currently edit at a local university where I live my dream—learning new things every day and working with words.

Clint and I met in college. I was good in school; he was more sociable and took classes less seriously. We were only friends then, but we stayed in touch through social media. In 2012, we reconnected at a mutual friend’s wedding and have been nearly inseparable ever since. We really could not be more suited for each other: he’s kind, patient, incredibly loving, and has an independent streak to match and complement mine. He sings songs to me every morning. I love him to bits and am so grateful we found each other.

About Clinton

I grew up in Iowa, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English from a small college there, which is where I met Robyn. After graduating, I worked as a temp briefly, before landing something more solid in the healthcare field. My work was hard, but I enjoyed it because I got to travel. I worked in D.C., Chicago, and Omaha, as well as some smaller towns that no one’s ever heard of.

I was living in Iowa City when I saw Robyn again for the first time since college. She was (and is) fun, and funny, and warm, and driven, and beautiful. She lived in Pittsburgh, so after we started dating, we’d meet halfway in Indianapolis, which was 6 hours by car. After a few trips to Indy, we decided that a weekend every other month was not enough time together, so, I moved to Pittsburgh. She is a remarkable person, and I am constantly grateful for what our relationship has grown into.

I have three brothers—one older, one younger, and a twin—as well as two spunky nieces and two sweet nephews.

Growing up, I was active in extracurricular activities, including cross country, soccer, show choir, and speech. I even earned All-State honors in speech.

At work, I lead projects and technical teams to install new hardware and software, bringing together many different groups to work toward a single goal. As a project manager, I have to stay focused, positive, and organized to accomplish my project aims. I enjoy that my job allows for creative problem solving and that I get to work with so many different kinds of people.

For fun, I like to listen to and play music, including harmonica, banjo, guitar, and piano. In addition, I like playing pickup soccer, writing, reading, and watching movies. Most of the time, I enjoy these activities with my wonderful wife by my side.

Our Home

We’re committed to being supportive and fun parents who foster a healthy environment for a child of any race or background. Our neighborhood in Edgewood, Pittsburgh, has beautiful parks just around the corner including Frick Park, where we take Haley for long walks, and Koenig Field, which has a big playground and baseball diamond. Just a few blocks from our house is the local library and the neighborhood elementary school. We can’t wait to walk a child there and back each day, listening as he or she shares what they learned. Edgewood also has many children’s sports leagues including baseball, soccer, basketball, swimming, tennis, and softball—any of which we’d love for a child to participate in. Our families are looking forward to supporting us as we expand our home, and we also have access to excellent university-sponsored daycare should the need arise.

As potential parents, we are open to whatever level of openness is comfortable for you, and we understand that what you want could change over time. We appreciate that adoption is a big decision, and our number one goal is that everyone involved is respected, heard, and trusted—now and always. Because we’ve both experienced the love of friends who become family, we understand how much a tribe of people, related by blood or not, can enrich a person’s life. If you wish, we’d be happy to welcome you into ours.

All that said, we’d love to meet or talk to you. You can email us at or text or call 612-759-1244. Thank you for considering us.