Max and Emily

We would like to thank you for your courage and strength as you make this decision for your child.  We look forward to starting our family in a positive, compassionate, and open way.  We hope you find just the right family to fit your needs!

Max Emily
Job: Software Engineer Job: Architect
Education: Master’s Degree Education: Bachelor’s Degree, Registered Architect License
Religion: Non-Religious Religion: Non-Religious
Family Info
Pets (and type of pets): None
Other Children (yes or no): No
Fun fact about your family: We met at swing dance!
As parents, we can’t wait to: Share our love of food, music, and nature!

About Us

Max grew up in Pittsburgh, while Emily grew up in Buffalo, NY and moved here to start her career.  We both started swing dancing while in college and ultimately, we met each other at a dance in Pittsburgh. As our relationship grew, so did our shared appreciation for many other things, including music, food, and culture.

Max is a software engineer at an educational technology company.  He grew up tinkering with things and playing with Legos – activities he looks forward to sharing with a daughter or son.  He also learned to play the violin, trumpet, and guitar.  As a kid, Max performed magic and retains his skills of making cards and coins disappear to the delight of all our friends’ children.

Emily is an architect at a local university.  Her love of craft started in her father’s wood shop and mother’s kitchen.  Emily is a wonderful cook and can turn a seemingly empty pantry into a full meal.  She can also sew and is turning all of Max’s old t-shirts into baby bibs and rompers.  Growing up, Emily studied flute, piccolo, and voice.  She loves to sing and is learning many new lullabies in anticipation of a growing family.

Our favorite activities include going to the theater and movies, attending symphony concerts, taking walks, and of course, dancing.  We have recently been vacationing in the Pacific Northwest where we were inspired by the ocean, mountains, and vast forests. We look forward to bringing a child on our adventures in nature as we continue touring our nation’s national parks.

Our Neighborhood

We live just outside Pittsburgh in a quiet neighborhood.  There is a small playground two doors down from our house and numerous parks and trails throughout our borough.  Our house is small and simple with a front and back porch as well as friendly neighbors.  The neighborhood is very walkable and we often journey out on foot to the local store or diner.

Our Values and Goals as Parents

Respect, citizenship, thoughtfulness, humility, and compassion are among our values.  We feel strongly that an open mind and heart can help bring people together, grow community, and build understanding.  As naturally “helpful” people ourselves, we are skilled at troubleshooting and enjoy working with people to find solutions.

We want to be parents in order to help shape the next generation.  With our wide range of interests, we feel we can provide a child with many diverse experiences.  We look forward to seeing where his or her passions will lie and supporting those endeavors.  Many of our close friends have young children and we anticipate them being able to grow up together.

We want to share our passions and joys with a child and anticipate a positive, warm, and compassionate experience.  We know adding a child to our lives will change everything, and we look forward to it!  We also know that this child will have a special life with a bigger family and a bigger story than most.  Openness is very important to us and if you are interested, we would love to have you regularly involved in this child’s life.

We’d be happy to hear from you and answer any questions you may have for us!  Please feel free to contact us through the Children’s Home or  Thank you for your time and we wish you the best on your journey, wherever the path may take you!