Kevin and Erin

We met in graduate school in Washington DC in 2009. We got to know each other during long early morning runs through the monuments. Erin Marie moved to Pittsburgh in 2010 and Kevin followed in 2013. We landed on Pittsburgh to be near family: 24 loud, beautiful family members, most of us in the same neighborhood. We got married in 2014 and now live in Highland Park, Pittsburgh with our dog, Daisey. Our lives center around our family and our communities and we are excited for them to grow with the addition of a child.

Our family…

We have a lot of family, by any definition. There are 26 of us in Pittsburgh: cousins ranging from five to 57, parents, a grandparent. The rest of the family is spread out from Kansas to Boston, but we manage to spend lots of time together despite the distances.

Erin Marie grew up in Ann Arbor in a family of five. Her brothers live in Chicago and her parents now live in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh. Kevin grew up in upstate New York in a family of four. His sister lives in Boston and his parents live in Harrisburg, PA.

Adoption has long been a part of our lives: we spend hours each week with our 13 young cousins that live down the street, three of whom were adopted. We entered our marriage with the desire to adopt all of our children and our families are eager for us to do so.

Our fun lives…

Our family and our friends are at the heart of our lives together. Much of our free time is spent entertaining and laughing with these communities of loved ones.

We are also active in social justice and community activist movements, serving on multiple committees with the ACLU and various community organizations. We believe that all people are of equal worth and deserve to live a happy life. This view helps to guide our own lives.

Beyond this, Kevin plays on multiple hockey teams and Erin Marie is an avid runner and baker. We try to run together and to participate in the Pittsburgh half marathon each year.

Our professional lives…

Our professional lives are closely intertwined: we went to graduate school together, worked in the same lab, and now are professors at the same college where we share a lab. We are both teaching biology and anatomy, and even co-teach at times.

Welcoming a baby…

We are excited to welcome a baby into our lives and into our diverse and loving family. We have a nursery ready and waiting, painted with a mural by one of our cousins. Once the baby arrives, we have fortunately been able to arrange our work schedules such that one or both of us will be at home to provide love and care for an entire year. We teach only in the spring and fall, so we will continue to be home each summer thereafter, promising lots of time for fun and adventures.

We hope to enter an open adoption, if such an arrangement is possible. We look forward to getting to know one another better and for you to get to know our family.

A message from our cousins…

Dear Birth Mother, We are David, Melanie, Bella, Charlie, Johnny, Gregg and Maria, an adoptive family, who are close cousins of Erin Marie and Kevin. We wanted you to know that we will support them one hundred percent when the new baby arrives. Our family is so excited for Erin Marie and Kevin to have a baby.  Our greatest recommendation for them as parents is that we have chosen them to be the ones to parent our children if something should happen to us.”  –Melanie and David

We can watch over our new cousin when it’s a baby and when our cousin grows up we can play together.” –Maria

“I’m excited to have a new cousin” –Gregg

I can’t wait to teach our cousin soccer. Erin and Kevin will be good parents because they make great food” –John

I can’t wait to babysit the baby.” –Charlie

“Babies are awesome and we don’t have any babies left in our family. We know Erin and Kevin will be good parents because of the way they’ve treated all of us as we’ve grown up.” –Bella

“God bless you as you choose the best home for your baby.”-Melanie, David, Bella, Charlie, Jonhhy, Gregg and Maria

If you have any questions for us, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our e-mail address is: Kevin&