Greg and Joanna

Hi! We are Greg, Joanna, and Ian.  Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and get to know a little bit about us.  We are excited about the opportunity to grow our family and would be honored to be considered as an adoptive family for your child.  We hope that this letter will give you a picture of who we are and what our lives are like.

Greg Joanna
Job: Electrical Mechanic Job: Grant Writer/ Marketer
Education: High School Education: Master’s Level
Religion: Baptist Religion: Methodist
Family Info
Pets (and type of pets): 1 dog named Zona
Other Children (yes or no): 1 son, Ian
Fun fact about your family: We love being outside walking, fishing, gardening and setting up treasure hunts for Ian to do
As parents, we can’t wait to: Have another child to love and to watch our children grow and share adventures together


Greg and Joanna have been together since high-school, married for 13 years, and are committed to each other and our family. Becoming parents has been our greatest journey and every day we love being parents more and more.  Because having children has not been an easy road for us, it is a privilege, and we try to take the time to appreciate all of the new experiences each day brings.  We are so grateful that we have the possibility to bring another child into our family.

We live in a country area in southwestern Pennsylvania and like to spend time outdoors with each other and our dogs Jersey and Zona. We try to make our home a welcoming place where family and friends feel comfortable coming to relax and enjoy each other’s company.


Ian is a happy, healthy, and energetic little boy. He has been an absolute blessing to us since the day he was born.  He loves music, reading books, and to be outside doing “big boy stuff” with daddy and his uncles, especially playing in water and digging in dirt! We love to introduce him to new firsts like going to the beach or the zoo but our favorite thing is just to have fun and make each other laugh.  It is amazing to watch him change and grow and we would love for him to have a sibling to share life’s adventures.


Greg has worked for GE for over 14 years. He loves to fish, watch hockey, listen to music, and spend time with family.  He is very handy and always has a new project to work on.  Greg is kind and generous and is a great dad.  He grew up in a big family with 3 sisters and 2 brothers and they are all still very close with each other and with their parents. Now there are 10 nieces and nephews, which makes for lots of birthday parties, summer picnics, and fun times at holidays!


Joanna is a manager for a non-profit agency. She loves her job because she feels that the work that their team does makes a difference in people’s lives and their community.  She is also grateful because she has very flexible hours that allow her to be with Ian as much as possible. On the days she is in the office, Ian gets to have fun with Mimi and Grandpa, which he might like better than staying home with Mom!  Joanna also has a brother and a large extended family with whom she is close.  She enjoys reading, trying new recipes, and planting flowers, but mostly she loves just being a wife and mommy.


Whenever we are chosen to welcome a new child into our lives, we promise that we will provide a home that is full of love, laughter, family, and faith. Parenting has been a gift to us, and we are committed to being parents that will take the time to listen, have patience, be encouraging, and guide our children to grow and learn, be creative and curious, and show kindness and respect for the people around them.  We will support them in having the opportunity to explore their own talents and potential, and take advantage of the endless possibilities that will come their way.   We will provide a solid foundation with a safe and loving family that will cheer all of their successes and comfort them during hard times.

Although we have not yet met, the fact that you are considering adoption tells us that you are courageous and care very much about this child, and we wish you all the best in choosing the path that you feel is right. Thank you again for considering our family as part of your adoption plan journey.  It is difficult to express all that we would like to share in this brief space and there is so much we would like to learn about you too! If you would like to talk more, please contact us at or 724-998-1254, and follow us on Instagram @gandjfam.  You can also contact The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh to speak with an adoption counselor who will support you and help you to explore your options.  They can be contacted at: 412-441-4884 or visit their website at