Danielle and Moshe

A little about us:

Moshe and Danielle are as different from each other as any couple could be. Moshe is from a Moroccan Jewish family raised in Houston, Israel, and Pittsburgh. Danielle is a
3rd generation Pittsburgher from an Eastern European Catholic family. However different our upbringing was from each others, those differences have also brought us together as a modern family with deep traditional roots. Our adopted child will be raised in this diverse household and we are excited to adopt a child from any race or ethnicity.

For work, Moshe is an attorney and writer, whose work focuses on labor and civil rights issues. Danielle is a farmer, whose work focuses on urban farming and garden education. Though these issues seem different, we take part in each other’s worlds, and together we work to build community and strive to help others. We both value education, travel, community involvement, family, and each other. We may be from different worlds, but together we are a loving couple that has created a warm and inviting home for all.

How do such different individuals meet? While in college, we met working at our local coffee shop over 16 years ago. This early job quickly became so much more than just a place of employment for both of us. It became a second home filled with friends and support. The coffee shop was so important to us that it was the very place that we decided to get married after we finished traveling.

Where do two young people in love decide to travel? They go to Romania, where they can experience a place rich with old world traditions and endless opportunities to explore, play and develop a sense of respect for customs not their own. After tromping through Eastern Europe, we headed to Northwestern Canada to spend a season doing bird-banding research in the boreal forest. Danielle has a background in environmental studies and she has spent time working at the National Aviary, so this was the perfect opportunity for her to share her love of birds with her partner. Moshe was the one responsible for igniting an interest in travel. He has always loved exploring unknown places and experiencing new cultures. As a young man, he traveled extensively, visiting places such as the Canary Islands, North Africa, Western Europe, Israel and the states. Together we have a fascination for the natural world and we both have fallen in love with experiencing new and exotic places.

Our home and family:

We currently live in the working class neighborhood of Greenfield with our dog and several chickens. Moshe’s parents and sister are a short 10 min walk from our home. Danielle’s large extended family is scattered throughout Allegheny and Beaver counties. We live on a quiet dead-end street overlooking Oakland and Downtown Pittsburgh. We share a garden with our next-door neighbor and we know each of the residents that share our street. We love being able to walk our dog to Schenley Park and to the neighboring business district in Squirrel Hill.

We have many close friends, including some with children of their own, and consider them our extended family. We enjoy hiking, gardening, cooking, reading, listening to records, eating pie, laughing and sharing life’s joys with our loved ones.

Our plan:

We are both fortunate enough that our jobs allow us to have flexibility with our schedules. This will enable us to be home with our new baby as much as possible. It will also allow us to bring the baby with us to work if needed. Danielle is looking forward to the baby growing up in the beautiful garden that she tends at work in Wilkinsburg. And Moshe is looking forward to taking the baby to his or her first rally.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our letter. We hope that this letter has provided you with a better picture of our lives and the life that your child would be joining. We respect and admire you for considering an open adoption. As you are planning your baby’s future, we hope to be a part of it, and look forward to meeting and talking to you someday soon.

We can be reached at danielle.moshe.adopt@gmail.com. We are working with the Children’s Home of Pittsburgh, a respected, licensed adoption agency. Please call them anytime at 412-441-4884, or toll free at 1-800-961-7704. A counselor is available 24 hours a day to provide more information.