Chip and Daliana

Dear Birthparent,

Imagine a child growing up in a family where education and open-mindedness are core values, where books and music are abundant, where four languages are spoken, a family that travels the world curious about discovering new places and interesting people. Imagine a family that enjoys the little things of everyday life: cooking, gardening, renovating, going out for a stroll in the park. Imagine a family that will do everything to give this child the best chance to succeed in life and to be happy. We are that family, and we would be honored to be considered as the adoptive family of your child.

We are Chip & Daliana, a happily married couple whose life together started 13 years ago in Bucharest. Chip seemed like the perfect match for Daliana, and Daliana seemed too good to be true for Chip. We married a year later and moved to the US the following year. A lot of exciting things happened since: we started new jobs, bought a house, completed our master’s degrees, renovated the house, travelled the world, and enjoyed the little things in life.

Leaving a comfortable life in Romania for a better future for our family was not easy, but everything worked out perfectly, with one exception: becoming parents. The journey of unexplained infertility expanded our world in ways we didn’t think possible: it humbled us but also made us stronger as individuals and brought us closer as a couple. Adoption was not really on our minds years ago, and it took more courage than we thought we’d have when we first started thinking about it, but now we couldn’t be more excited to adopt.

While our careers are very important to us – we both work on the Strip, Daliana as a manager for a corporation and Chip as a software tester for a start-up, family always comes first. We make time for each other, no matter what. We are also very close to our parents and sisters, all living in Romania, and feel lucky to leave in an era when communication is so easy. We talk to them every day, and we video skype on the weekends. Once a year, we go back to Romania to visit our extended family and friends, and get to spend quality time with our nephews and niece. Our families are thrilled that we have decided to adopt and are making plans to visit us when the baby arrives, and we could use some help. We have a spacious house, with a large backyard, including a veggie garden, which Chip enjoys taking care of, and a flowery front yard, which Daliana is happily in charge of. Most summer days we dine outside, and most weekends we spend in the garden, recharging for the week ahead.

Chip is always interested in learning new things, the most well-read person Daliana knows; when not too busy renovating the house or gardening, he enjoys spending time on the patio with a glass of wine and a book. Daliana likes reading too. After a busy day at work she’ll clear her head with a run or yoga. We like to eat healthy and enjoy cooking (most of the time). Chip’s by-the-book dishes are always perfect. Daliana prefers to cook with the freedom that comes from not following a recipe. Together, we make a good team.

We love travelling to new places. Before moving to the US, we had the opportunity to visit most countries in Europe. Daliana even lived in Germany for 4 years, where she started her engineering career. After moving to the US, we first used our holidays for visiting the country, which we love, and then we started travelling abroad, from most of South and Central America to Asia and back to Europe. Every trip we took broadened our horizons, by challenging our perceptions and allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of the world. It’s an amazing world out there, and we look forward to exploring new places and revisiting old ones with our child.

We greatly admire your selfless courage and love for your baby as you consider adoption. So thankful that you might consider us! We hope this incredible journey will turn out to be our best ever. We will do everything possible for our child to feel loved and cared for, to grow happy and healthy.

If you have any questions for us, please feel free to reach out to us at you again for taking the time to read about us.

Chip & Daliana