Brooke and Jesse

Thank you for your courage, strength, and care you are taking as you make this most difficult decision for your child.  We would like you to know that we are a loving couple who are very open to an open adoption or whatever degree of openness you feel most comfortable with.

Our Values

Our core values are having a strong bond with our family and friends.  We are cheerful and upbeat, and stay strong in the good times and any challenges we may face through our love for each other.  We deal with life’s stresses with a sense of humor and a deep sense of how lucky we are to have a great and supportive family and friends.

We love holidays and family traditions.  Brooke has many bins in our basement dedicated to Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations.  Jesse does a great job of installing lights on our house and front yard for the holidays.  Besides celebrating holidays, we also like to have get-togethers with friends such as popcorn and movie nights, or board game nights at our house.

We love to travel and usually take one big vacation a year and go for weekend getaways when we can.  This year, we were fortunate enough to go to Disney World for our anniversary.  We plan on taking our future child to Disney World many times as well.  Brooke especially has a very special place in her heart for Disney World since she went there many times with her family as a child.  This is a place that brings both of us joy since we both love to laugh and smile, and are big kids at heart.  In addition to Disney and since our in-laws live close to the beach in South Carolina, we plan on taking our future child to the beach as well.  We both have memories of picking out seashells and making castles in the sand with our families.

Since Brooke is a reading specialist-teacher, she knows the importance of reading to children.  She plans on reading to her future child every night and fostering their ability to read.  Since she works with children that often have trouble in reading, she is well-equipped to teach a child that may need help learning to read.  She is very patient and loving and would take her time working on homework and schoolwork with her future child.

Jesse is a senior level insurance claims representative.  At home, Jesse loves to tinker and work around the house. Since he is a senior level claims representative, he knows a lot about car repair.  He would love to teach his future child, boy or girl, how to do car and household repairs.  He loves to watch YouTube videos on how to fix things and amazingly can make just about anything work.  He would be very patient and loving when working with his future child.

Our Family

Brooke has a wonderful family, all of which are local.  They plan on being very involved in Jesse and Brooke’s future child’s life.  Her side of the family consists of her two parents, both of whom are still happily married to each other, her older sister, Autumn (who looks like she could be her twin), her brother-in-law, Chris, and their two kids, Luke and Lily.

Jesse has a lovely family as well.  His parents, both of whom are still happily married, live in South Carolina.  Jesse and Brooke Skype with them every Sunday and visit them a couple of times a year, as well as they come up to visit.  Jesse’s older brother, Bill, lives in Boston and comes to visit for the holidays.  They are very close brothers.

In addition, we have two cats, Magic and Ice. Both of us are very much animal lovers and plan on teaching our future child the joys of pet ownership.  Both of us had dogs as children and very much love cats and dogs.  We have a large, flat backyard in which we’d like to get a puppy or young dog someday for our future child to play with.

Welcoming a Baby

Brooke is fortunate enough to be able to take a couple of months off of work when her future baby is born.  Since Brooke is a teacher, she works a normal schedule, has off weekends, and all holidays and summers.  Jesse also works a normal schedule and can work from home as needed.  Brooke’s sister, Autumn, is a stay-at-home mom and will be available to provide care for the baby while Brooke and Jesse are at work.

Our future baby will also be very much loved by Brooke sister’s kids, Luke who is seven, and Lily who is ten.   They cannot wait to be cousins to a beautiful little baby and talk about their wish for a baby cousin all the time!  The baby will be the first grandchild for Jesse’s parents and make Jesse’s brother, Bill, an uncle for the first time!  We are also very close with our neighbors and live in a wonderful community to raise a child.

Thank you!

Thank you for your time reading our letter and for your strength at this most difficult time.  We truly wish you the best and would be happy to meet you in person if that is what you would wish.


Brooke and Jesse