Aya and Andi

Dear Birth Parent:

We feel honored that you are looking at our letter, which we hope will give you a sense of who we are.

Aya Andi
Job: Midwife Job: Therapist
Education: Master’s Degree in Nursing Education: Master’s Degree in Counseling
Family Info
Pets (and type of pets): 2 cats (Merle and Percy) and a small dog (Harlowe)
Other Children (yes or no): Daughter Alijah graduating high school and starting college in the fall
Fun fact about your family: We live near a park where we walk mornings and evenings, we have lots of friends with babies and small children who are excited to have play time with us and the baby, we already have lots of bilingual Spanish/English baby books to read together every day

From the moment we met, we felt so comfortable with one another and were friends for several years before becoming a couple and getting married.  We have been married for almost 10 years, and we have co-parented Andi’s 18-year-old daughter, Alijah.  We love going camping, hosting parties, hiking, planning outings with friends to go to restaurants or arts events, and we love to make each other laugh.  We knew from the beginning of our marriage that we eventually wanted to have more children.

It is very important to us to support a connection between you and the baby if this is something that you want.  We want to hear about what is important to you in planning for contact and visits, and we would be open to several visits each year, as well as other forms of contact.  We would welcome the opportunity to meet you as you make this incredibly important decision, and we would be happy to bring a photo album for you to learn more about us.

We are open to adopting a child of any race and ethnicity.  Racial and social justice are deeply important to us, and our children will be raised with aunties and uncles of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.  We will be intentional in considering our child’s needs and our own need for continual education and growth.  We will ensure that our child is surrounded by children and adults of varied ethnic and racial backgrounds, in a school setting where cultural needs and heritage are recognized and celebrated, and has the opportunity to explore activities and interests for self-understanding.

Aya currently works as a midwife, and she has worked as a social worker, community organizer, doula, and nurse in the past.   She has a lot of experience in caring for newborns.  Andi is a licensed counselor and community mental health advocate, and has had an independent therapy practice for seven years.  Alijah is very excited about having a baby sibling and being the cool big sister in college.  She plans to study some combination of performance, music, community organizing, and healthcare.

In high school, she has been very involved in musical performances, writing original music and lyrics, and theatrical production.  She enjoys baby-sitting the younger children of our friends, has worked as a lifeguard, and has CPR training.  She has also attended social justice oriented camps in North Carolina and California over the past three summers.  Aya loves to cook, garden, do arts and crafts projects, and help with planning events for family, friends and community.  Aya speaks Spanish, and we plan to raise our children to speak some Spanish at home.  Andi has run in the Great Race, local 5Ks and the half-marathon in Pittsburgh, and she loves to hike, camp, go to Pirates games, and practice photography.

We are lucky to have a big community of friends, family, and chosen family who are supportive of our plan for adoption.  We live in the East End area, a few blocks from Frick Park, where we spend time each week on the trails with our friends.  There is also a playground within a few blocks.  There are lots of trees along our street, and we have raspberry, strawberry and blueberry bushes in our yard, as well as some flowers and a small herb garden.  We have friendly neighbors on our street, and there are a lot of close friends who live within a few blocks of us.   We love to spend time together in nature, travelling, reading, and going to music and arts events. We are members of Phipps Botanical Garden and the Carnegie Museums, some of our favorite places in Pittsburgh, and every summer we get a family membership to the Pittsburgh Public Pools.

Our plan for the first 3 months after the adoption is for at least one of us to be home with the baby every day.  We hope for both of us to be home for most of the first month after the adoption.  After we return to work, we plan to adapt our schedules so that one or both of us is home 3-4 days each week.  We plan to hire an in-home nanny who is a nurse or doula, though we are also considering registering for a daycare so that the baby has time playing with other little ones.

Again, thank you for taking the time to read our letter. Part of what we like about open adoption is that we would be chosen by a birth parent who saw something in us that was a good fit. While we are waiting, we will continue to build our marriage, home, and community as a warm nest for the baby who is meant to join our family.  Thank you again for taking the time to read our letter.  Warmest wishes to you, and hopes that you have all that you need throughout this process.

–Andi & Aya

Direct email:  andi.aya.family@gmail.com