Ally and James

We are Ally and James.
We are excited for the opportunity to grow our family and would be honored to be considered as an adoptive family for your child.  Please know that any child that we welcome into our home will be loved unconditionally and encouraged to seek out joy and happiness in life every day.

James Allison
Job: Bond Trader Job: UX Design Consultant                       
Education: Carnegie Mellon BS in Engineering, Pitt MBA in Finance Education: Graphic Design BA from Chatham
Family Info
Pets (and type of pets): Two cats – Max & Ruby                                                                                    
Other Children (yes or no): no
Fun fact about your family: We have traveled to 16 countries on 6 continents.           
As parents, we can’t wait to: Go on adventures in 50 states and 50 countries as a family!

About Us

We met and fell in love in college and have been together for 18 years.  After we graduated, we moved to New York City to pursue our dreams of working in design and investments.  A few years later, we moved back to Pittsburgh and discovered our mutual enjoyment of outdoor adventure. We love camping, hiking, kayaking, biking, and traveling.  When we are not exploring nature, we also enjoy quiet times at home cooking,playing games, and gardening. We believe that we make a great team because we are opposite in ways that balance each other out.  We chose adoption as a means to start a family after several miscarriages and the loss of our premature daughter Eva. We are really excited to be parents and start going on adventures as a family!

About James

I was born in Connecticut to Romanian parents with old country values and work ethic.  Growing up, I enjoyed BMX bikes, swim team, and Boy Scouting. At 16, I switched from working on bikes to cars and started racing them.  I graduated CMU as an engineer, but I decided to chase Wall Street dreams instead. After a few years trading stocks in NYC, we came back to Pittsburgh and I received an MBA, got a job in finance, and started a side business renting apartments.  If I’m not biking, hiking, or camping, you can find me at home working on our old house or tinkering with my cars and computers. I look forward to teaching our child how to enjoy the outdoors and fix anything that breaks!

About Ally

I was born outside of Pittsburgh in a small town where I grew up playing in the woods with my younger brother.  I loved art since I was old enough to hold a crayon and I continue to paint and draw for enjoyment. Luckily, I also get to be creative everyday in my work as a designer.  I plan to take time off of work at first and then we have a great daycare already lined up. My job allows me the freedom to work from home and choose my hours so I will be able to  enjoy lots of family time once I go back to work. I am excited to get messy with finger paints while teaching our child to be creative. I am also really looking forward to fun family adventures like camping and hiking.

Our Neighborhood

We live in a safe family neighborhood with access to good schools and museums.  
We are within walking distance to  a large park that includes a playground, pool,  and plenty of room to run and play.

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We are flexible in the level of openness for an adoption.We want to have a relationship that makes you comfortable. Please feel free to reach out at