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According to, “National Nurses Week begins each year on May 6th and ends on May 12th, Florence Nightingale’s (founder of modern nursing) birthday. It features a host of events across the U.S. to honor nurses for the work they do, and educates the public about nurses’ role in health care.”

With great pride, The Children’s Home would like to say THANK YOU to our nursing staff and to nurses around the world! It is only with the diligence, care, and compassion of our nurses in the Pediatric Specialty Hospital  and Child’s Way that we can fulfill our mission to promote the health and well-being of infants and children through services which establish and strengthen the family. More about world of the ape not the film

As continues, “We take pride in the fact that the public has rated nursing as the most honest and ethical profession like Workers Compensation Southern California for the past 16 years. Our commitment to protecting, promoting, and improving health care for workers compensation attorney orange county all is well recognized, and we serve the public in a wide range of roles and work settings. Therefore, it is only fitting that we take one week each year to celebrate our profession and the vital roles nurses play in health care.”

So please, if you know a nurse or see one this week, take a moment to thank them for their work!