Counseling for Infertility

Many people are not aware that The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh offers infertility counseling and support services for those undergoing this difficult journey.  While your doctor understands the medical issues involved with infertility, at The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh, our master’s level professional counselors also understand the emotional journey you’re taking and the adjustment issues you’re likely to face. We have decades of experience helping individuals and families to understand and resolve their feelings surrounding infertility.

Whether you’re dealing with a new diagnosis, or you’re at the end of the process and asking yourself “what now?”, support and counseling can help you sort through your options and work through the related emotional issues. These issues can include marital conflict, communicating with family and friends about infertility, coping with grief, difficulty with intimacy and more.  Additionally, we can help individuals and couples who are struggling with decisions and next steps, talking through questions such as “Should we proceed with IUI or IVF?”  “Should we consider surrogacy?” “What issues do we have to think about if we want to use a donor egg/sperm/embryo?”.  And if you are at the point of considering adoption, we can help you assess your readiness and support you as you work to shift your focus from biological parenting to adoptive parenting.

Our licensed, experienced counselors are available to couples or individuals dealing with infertility. Services range from single consultation to ongoing support and are offered on a fee-for-service basis for $50. Discounted services may be available on a case by case basis.

Infertility Support Group

We offer an active infertility support group that is held one evening each month.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these are currently being held online and we welcome individuals from anywhere to join with us.  This group is free of charge and we welcome you to attend! Please see flyer for dates, times, and information on how to RSVP.

Assisted Reproduction Technology Counseling

We are pleased to offer services for those using assisted reproductive technology and considering use of donor embryo, sperm, and/or egg to help them conceive.  We can help individuals and couples think about how to  communicate with their family members (including the child conceived via donor sperm), anticipate feelings that donor conceived children might have, and determine what level of open contact they may want to have with their donor.  As our counselors have many years of experience with open adoption, we bring to the table these skills in discussing and navigating open relationship with a non-biological parent.

Furthermore, we are able to offer counseling to donor conceived individuals (families, children, and adults) to help them navigate the struggle of not knowing a piece of their genetic history, decide whether to make contact with or search for a donor, and incorporate being donor conceived into their identity in a healthy manner.  Read more about that by clicking here: Counseling for Donor Conceived Individuals

For more information on infertility Counseling, Support Groups, or Assisted Reproduction Technology Counseling, please contact Erika Schmitt, Director of Adoption and Permanency Services, at 412-441-4884.