Support Us

When you donate to The Children's Home of Pittsburgh & Lemieux Family Center, you are supporting three unique, family-centered programs:
Infant Adoption placement, counseling, and support services; daytime therapeutic care for medically fragile children in Child's Way, and transitional care for medically fragile infants and children and their families in our 24-bed Pediatric Specialty Hospital.

Your contributions help us provide critical services, such as:

  • counseling for birthparents considering adoption
  • child care that a single working parent may not be able afford
  • teaching parents complex treatment regimens for their child

Each donation ensures that we can serve every child and family, regardless of their ability to pay for services, and directly improves the quality of care we provide. With your help we can continue to provide infants and children with the highest quality family-centered care and support. Please follow the links at left to learn more about the ways you can become involved and support The Children's Home of Pittsburgh & Lemieux Family Center.

Please make your gift today! Click "Donate Now" to make a secure donation through our Web site, or print and complete a donation form to mail with your gift. Thank you!

Donations in any amount help and are deeply appreciated. The following list shows some of the specific services and items supported by gifts to the general operating fund:

  • support group meetings for birthparents and adoptive families
  • individual birthparent counseling throughout the adoption process
  • support for specials needs adoptions
  • cost of overnight stays in the family living area with the support and training of registered nurses
  • charitable care of under-insured infants
  • medical equipment
  • child care for low-income families with special needs children
  • specialty therapeutic equipment

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