Referrals and Admissions

How to Refer

Referrals may be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling the administrator on duty at 412-596-2568 or the hospital 412-441-0700. A hospital staff member will be available to take your call. Parents may call to ask questions, schedule a tour, or inquire about whether The Children’s Home may be right for their child. Tours are not necessary prior to transfer.

If you are a parent interested in our hospital, talk to your child’s physician. Your physician can ensure your child is transferred as soon as medically possible. Others who can help facilitate your baby’s transfer to The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh are hospital nurses, discharge planners, care coordinators, social workers, and other professional hospital staff.

Patients eligible for admission to The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh’s pediatric specialty hospital are identified and approved by their physicians and may be admitted from another hospital or directly from home. Transferring to our facility will not lengthen your child’s hospital stay.

The Admission Process

A tour is not required prior to your child’s transfer to The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh. However, families are welcome to tour if it is convenient for them. Tours are arranged around each family’s schedule by calling the administrator on duty at 412-596-2568 or the hospital at 412-441-0700. Or you may stop by any time for a self guided facility tour (you will be accompanied by a member of the security staff). Families can also view our video to help determine whether The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh is right for them.

Hospital to hospital transfers occur by ambulance. One parent may ride in the ambulance during transport. Transfers can happen any day of the week including weekends.

Admissions directly from home must occur under the guidance of your child’s physician.

Your baby can be admitted after he or she is medically stable for transfer, as determined by your physician.


Your child’s stay at our hospital is covered by insurance. The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh is a participating provider with more than a dozen third-party payers across Western Pennsylvania and many surrounding areas. Our hospital also accepts Medicaid and Medicaid managed care plans as well as self-pay patients. Charitable care is available when needed.

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