Pediatric Services

Our staff is resourceful and creative about the treatment of children. Our hospital offers a comfortable, spacious, and flexible setting. Our staff will work with you and your child to determine the best way to meet your unique needs. At our hospital it’s easy to find your way around and easy for you to get access to the medical staff you need. Our staff will know your child and your family well and have the time and flexibility to meet your needs.

The Pediatric Setting

In our pediatric unit, semi-private patient rooms include soft chairs, inviting colors, large windows, and home-like décor. Each patient room has a discreet child changing area and a large handicap accessible bathroom.

In the center of the unit is a play area for children who are well enough to leave their bedrooms. This play area is equipped with a TV, books, games, videos, a computer and toys. The play area includes a living room setting that allows families to spend time with their hospitalized child. Brothers and sisters are also welcome to visit.

Pediatric-Specific Services

  • Children can continue to receive their therapies at our facility
  • Children can benefit from additional observation, medical assessment and adjustment of therapy equipment
  • Children can use the outdoor playground and/or indoor play areas as appropriate with physician permission
  • Children may attend activities at Child’s Way as appropriate and with physician permission
  • Serves children to age 21

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