Meet Jonathan.


After Jonathan turned three, we started to notice things weren’t normal — vomiting, headaches, and not wanting to play. We went to the doctor to do an MRI. By the next day, Jonathan was in surgery to remove a brain tumor.

Every morning, a doctor would visit our room in the hospital and we’d hold our breath — it was either, “he’s looking good today,” or “we think he needs another surgery tomorrow.” Jonathan was bruised all over from surgeries, didn’t want to play or eat. Confined to a small hospital room, we felt scared and depressed. We were trying to heal him physically, but he was crumbling mentally.


After a long road, our physician suggested we go to The Children’s Home for Jonathan to heal. We didn’t know it then, but we were on our way to a place that would change everything.

Within two days of being at The Children’s Home, Jonathan was a totally different child. The nightmares have stopped for Jonathan and my stress level has gone down ten notches. Dealing with a circumstance like Jonathan’s, when your child needs multiple surgeries and you can’t go home, your time is spent thinking, “what am I going to do next? We don’t have clothes, we don’t have shampoo!” It meant everything to have a social worker come to me and say, “we can take care of all that for you.”

We haven’t been home in 50 days because of Jonathan’s health, but if we can’t be home there is no place we’d rather be for his recovery.

There are no words for how grateful we are.

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Tina and Jonathan