How We are Different

Whether your child is staying a few days, a few weeks, or a few months, your family will find something unique at The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh. Our comfortable, family friendly environment is more like home than a hospital. Each nurse in our hospital cares for just three patients at a time, allowing nurses to know your child and your family well. Our doctors are the same physicians who oversee your child’s care at your referring hospital, allowing continuity of care between your referring hospital, our pediatric specialty hospital, and your home. We offer true family centered care, and personal discharge planning to make sure your transition to home goes as smoothly as possible.

We offer:

  • No restrictive visiting hours: Parents have access to their child 24 hours a day. Family members may visit at any time, either at the child’s bed side or in the nesting rooms. Siblings are also welcome for visiting and overnight stays.
  • Free, on-site parking
  • Families can use a toll free 1-800 number to call and check on their child.
  • Use of home-based equipment allows families to practice caring for their child using the same equipment they will have at home.
  • All services, including overnight stays in the family living area, are covered by your insurance or provided free by The Children’s Home.
  • Overnight stays in our family living area

Family Friendly Environment

The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh includes several areas designed for parents and families. Our family living area  allows for overnight stays, and Lemiuex Family Center has provided for other family friendly areas throughout the facility, both indoors and outdoors.

The Hospital Environment

The nursery is calm and quiet. With soft colors, comfy rocking chairs, natural light through large windows, plenty of space and privacy for families, this setting specially designed to mimic what a baby will experience at home. Families also have easy access to neonatal nurses and pediatric nurses, who are there to answer all of your questions and help you with any techniques you want to learn in caring for your baby. Read more about our infant services.
The pediatric unit is colorful and playful, with special areas to accommodate visiting families and offer places for children to play outside of their patient room. The semi-private rooms are spacious with windows, and personalized decorations are welcome. Read more about our pediatric services .

Family Centered Care

Because of our unique care setting, our neonatal nurses, pediatric nurses, and nurse practitioners have time to focus on your child’s needs and your needs as a family. You will know your child’s care team well and have access to them 24 hours, 7-days-a-week. They are available to answer your questions, offer help and advice.

For families whose children have new or changing medical needs, nurses help and teach families “hands-on” to develop your ability to carry out complicated treatment plans and to recognize potential problems at their earliest stages. One of our goals is for you to feel confident and competent in caring for your child’s unique needs.

Parents are part of the care-giving team alongside nurses and other professionals. An individual treatment plan is developed with families’ input for every infant and child and is updated throughout your child’s stay.

Personalized Discharge Planning

A detailed discharge plan will be developed for your child, including your input. You can help decide what milestones guide the plan and you can share with our staff a care schedule that will work for you at home. Our staff will spend many hours with your child and your family.

The discharge plan helps ensure that all necessary care and support services – including things like equipment, home care nursing, and medications – are in place. Comprehensive discharge planning also includes meeting with home health providers, scheduling all follow up appointments with doctors, therapists and other professionals, completing a care schedule that is feasible for families to manage at home, help in locating other needed resources, and more.

Medical Staff and Care Team

Your child’s complete care team includes physicians, nurses, a medical social worker, an infant development specialist, and, of course, you as the parent or caregiver.

The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh’s nursing staff is made up of registered nurses and nurse practitioners who are available 24 hours/day and have many years of pediatric nursing and neonatal nursing experience.

Because of our unique care setting, nurses have time to focus on your child’s needs and your needs as a family. You will know your care team well, and they will know your child. You can talk to them to ask questions or for help or advice.

The same group of neonatologists or pediatric specialists who were caring for your child at the referring hospital will oversee your child’s care at The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh during daily rounds. This way, your child’s plan of care can be continued seamlessly from the referring hospital as your family and your child prepares for the next step in his or her care.

Medical Staff:

  • Neonatologists
  • Pediatricians
  • Physician Specialists
  • Pulmonogists

Physician specialists and consultants:

  • Pediatric Medical/Surgical
  • Transplant Physicians
  • Opthomology (eye doctor)
  • Audiology (hearing screens)
  • Cardiology

Physicians who are not on our staff but are already following an infant or child admitted to our hospital can be granted temporary privileges. Or you can request that our staff physicians see to your child’s daily needs while reporting regularly to your chosen physician.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh’s Pediatric Specialty Hospital is that every child is a complete and complex person whose needs can best be met by caregiving that validates his or her individuality. It is the staff's privilege to provide exquisite care in an environment that is sensitive, non-threatening, and empowering. The staff further believes that every child, as a member of a family, must always be viewed within that context. The staff therefore works with families in an equal partnership that enables parents to become competent and confident caregivers.

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