Matthew and Adam

Hi, we’re Matthew and Adam, and we’d like your help to grow our family. We hope this letter is your first step in getting to know a bit about us.

Our Family

Our lives began anew when we welcomed our daughter, Fiorella (“Little Flower” in Italian), into our family.  We view the world and hear everything through her eyes (and ears) as we walk through the park across the street, meet and talk to people, and explore the world in which we live. One thing that has stayed the same since her arrival is that we continue to travel and are happy to share the world with a little one.  Since her birth, Fio’s come with us to visit Washington, D.C., North Carolina’s Outer Banks, Florida’s and California’s Coasts, and Hawaii.  In trains, planes, and cars, she travels like a natural.
Happily, we are fortunate to have an open adoption with both of Fiorella’s birthparents and her birthfather has been actively involved, visiting with her every few months.  Our extended families too have been actively involved with Fio, visiting, baby sitting, and celebrating the holidays together.

Nested on the North Side

We moved to Pittsburgh in 2010 to a home in an historic neighborhood just over the bridges from downtown.  We live in a Victorian row home with our daughter and our four friendly cats: Zeke, Carnegie, Frick, and Heinz.  Our home is decorated with art and photographs from the places we’ve traveled as well as stained glass windows Matthew created (like the one on the back page). Just across the street from us is the Allegheny Commons, one of the city’s largest parks, with a short stroll to the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum and National Aviary.  We purchased family memberships at both so that our nanny could take Fio to both museums frequently.

Adam: Lawyer for the Good Guys

Adam is partner of a national law firm that represents nonprofit health and human service organizations that help individuals and families in need.  He travels and speaks to audiences all over the country about their legal rights and responsibilities.  Outside of work, Adam enjoys brewing beer, listening to country music, and running. He is also a volunteer board member and treasurer of a non-profit organization that serves people living with HIV/AIDS.

Matthew: Professor, Artist, and Preservationist

Matthew is a Dean at an art school where he also teaches art history.  Because he spends time working from home, his flexible schedule allows him to spend time doing other things important to him.  He loves art, biking, hockey, history, and in his spare time he creates stained glass windows in one of the country’s oldest studios.  He is also the president of an organization that saves historic buildings in Pittsburgh and he sits on the City’s historic preservation commission.

Please Don’t Stop the Music

We met at a concert at the Jewish Community Center in Washington, D.C., in 2006.  Matthew was a volunteer bartender and Adam was the Master of Ceremonies.  Neither of us liked the music much but we bonded over it.  Four years later we were married in a beautiful historic synagogue before our families, friends, and colleagues (featured in the picture on the front page – bottom left).  This time we got to pick the music (Lady Gaga, New Order, and Dolly Parton), which was played by a string quartet as we walked down the aisle.

Matthew’s Family – Italian Togetherness

Matthew comes from a very close Italian family where sitting around the dinner table with extended family — and food — is most important.  His father is retired from the Air Force but still works with the National Air & Space Museum and his mother works as a researcher. He is the middle child with an older brother and younger sister, and they moved all over the world together as children. One of his family traditions is to give everyone a birthday party (cards, presents, cake. . . the works!) no matter how old they are. Matthew’s parents live in Northern Virginia, but stay with us 3-4 times a year, and we visit them for every Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Adam’s Family – Education

Adam and his younger brother grew up in a family that placed enormous emphasis on education.  His father is a retired engineer and his mother is a retired teacher.  When Adam was growing up, his family drove around the West in an RV visiting Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks. For fun as kids, Adam’s parents sent him to science camp and his brother went to space camp. Today, Adam’s younger brother is a rocket scientist (really!). Adam’s parents retired to Florida, so we always have a place to visit when Pittsburgh gets too cold.

Traveling Through

From California to Massachusetts in the U.S., and from England to France in Europe, we have lived and traveled extensively.  In our spare time we enjoy touring new places and catching up with old friends and family.  We’ve flown everywhere from Europe (pictured below) to Hawaii, but we love traveling by train most. Every year we also go down to the beach in North Carolina’s Outer Banks to spend time with our extended family and this past February we brought Fio (below!) to Hawaii with us on a vacation.

Adoption in our Family Trees

Adoption is an important part of our both of our families, not just because of Fio, but also because we both have an immediate family member who was adopted. Adam’s younger brother has known he was adopted from a very young age, and Matthew’s father found out later in life he was adopted.  Adoption has been an important part of our family history and we want to continue this tradition by welcoming another child into our home. Thanks for reading our letter, we hope you will consider us, and we look forward to meeting you!

Contact us!
If you are interested in meeting us, we are working with the Children’s Home of Pittsburgh. They can be reached day or night at 412-441-4884 or 1-800-961-7704. They can also receive text messages at 412-736-2908. You can also contact us directly at