Justin and Elizabeth

Hello! We are Elizabeth and Justin and we would like to thank you for taking the time to read our letter and learn more about us. We would be honored if you would consider our family to love and nurture your child.

We met over ten years ago on the first day of college. Over time, we became close friends, enjoying things like sports, exploring our community and mini-golf of all things. We started dating in our final year of college and have spent a lot of time looking forward to our future together. Through many moves, years of schooling and different jobs, our love and friendship continued to strengthen and grow. We were married in 2013, and we truly function as a team as we approach all different aspects of our life together.

From the very beginning, having children has been a central part of our plan. Elizabeth was born with a medical issue that makes having biological children difficult. Given this, we feel that adoption is the best way to grow our family. We will welcome an open adoption, but will respect your wishes in regards to the amount of contact you desire. Know that however you decide to proceed, we will do everything in our power to ensure that your child holds you in a cherished place in their heart.

We are relative newcomers to the Pittsburgh area, though Justin’s mom made sure he grew up a Steelers fan. We have greatly enjoyed getting to know the city and exploring all that it has to offer. Our neighborhood is wonderful, as it offers easy access to the city parks, is quiet and family oriented while still having an urban feel.

Living in Pittsburgh has allowed us to explore our hobbies in new ways. Justin loves to run through the parks and enjoys all things fitness related (in large part because he enjoys baking and eating his creations). His guilty pleasure is watching WWE wrestling and he now goes to live shows with his dad. His favorite superhero is Batman. Elizabeth is an avid cook and enjoys preparing meals with loved ones. She is a soccer player and runner- although the hills in Pittsburgh still pose a significant challenge. On quieter days, she is more than happy to spend time with her sewing machine creating quilts and other small projects. Our favorite activities together include cooking new recipes, hiking through parks, camping and exploring local farmers markets.

Our families have been incredibly supportive of our desire to pursue our passions and find work that feels like play. Elizabeth loves the challenges and rewards of being a pediatrician and is completing her training to become a pediatric cardiologist (heart doctor). Elizabeth’s employer is fully supportive of our adoption plan and she will take maternity leave when the baby arrives. Justin has always been fascinated by how things work and has a desire to help others. This makes his job as a physicist who works with cancer patients perfect for him. Justin works from home one day a week, which will reduce our need for childcare.

We have learned the value of education as we have followed these career paths. We both believe that being able to discover and follow your passions is essential, whatever those may be. We are eager to share our joy of learning and curiosity with our child, and support him or her wherever it leads.

We are lucky to have close and involved families who are thrilled at the prospect of adding a grandchild, cousin, niece or nephew to the family. Elizabeth’s parents live in Ohio, and Justin’s entire family lives in West Virginia. Everyone is eager to help with a new addition to the family! We love getting together with our families on weekends, holidays and other special occasions. We share many traditions including fruit picking followed by massive jam-making and canning sessions, trips to WVU games, running in 5K turkey-trots, and “cookie-palooza”-a giant Christmas cookie baking weekend held annually for the past 10+ years. Know that your child will have a large, welcoming and loving extended family that is excited to make them a part of our many traditions, old and new.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and what we hope to offer your child. We realize that this is not just an incredibly difficult decision, but also an incredibly important one.  We wish you ongoing courage, love and support as you continue on your path. If there is any more you wish to know, please do not hesitate to contact us at justinandelizabethadopt@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you!