Julien and Brett

Dear Birth Parents,

Thank you for considering us as a loving family for your child to become part of.

We are Julien, Brett and Owen. We (Julien and Brett) met years ago while we were both students at Pitt. Despite being different in many ways, we clicked right away and the rest, as they say, is history. Even back then, our discussions of the future included “When we have kids…”

A lot has happened since then. After graduating from college, Julien worked as a ceramic artist for a few years before switching gears and becoming a carpenter, while Brett went on to medical school and became a pediatrician.

We lived in Vermont for several years, and got civilly unionized there in 2003. In 2013, we were officially married—finally! A few years ago we moved back to Pittsburgh, bought a house, and are happy to be raising our family in the city we consider home.

In early 2014, our son Owen joined our family. We were lucky enough to meet him shortly after he was born and we continue to enjoy an open adoption with his birth family.

We hope to have a similar relationship with our second child’s birth family as well. We want our children to have the opportunity to know their own stories and take pride in them. And, we want you to have peace of mind, knowing that your baby is growing up in a fun-loving household where he or she is absolutely adored.

We will welcome a child of any race or ethnicity into our family. In fact, one reason we chose to live in a diverse neighborhood had to do with our children—it is important to us that our kids, regardless of their own heritage, have friends and role models from a variety of backgrounds.

Our parents became grandparents for the first time with Owen’s arrival, and they can’t wait to welcome another grandbaby into the family! They all live in Pennsylvania, making it easy for us to see them often. Our siblings and their partners, as well as our close friends who form an extended family, are also super excited to become aunties and uncles again!

We tend to be pretty easygoing. Our perfect kind of night is spent grilling on the deck with friends, and some of our favorite vacations have centered around hiking, biking and enjoying great food. Owen was introduced to his new bike seat shortly after his first birthday, and it’s definitely his favorite mode of transportation—especially if the adventure includes a picnic and a playground!

Brett is an avid gardener, reader and inventor of delicious things from the kitchen. Julien is always creating something—she re-builds bikes, knits and does most everything in between. And Owen is busy exploring the world. He loves books, music, running around at the park and playing with other kids. He also loves our two cats—who are amazingly tolerant of his enthusiasm. He’s a happy and friendly little guy, and we’re sure he’ll be an awesome big brother!

Our home is on a quiet family-friendly street in the city. Most afternoons the street comes alive with all of the kids on our block (13 and counting!) running around and playing together outside. Our house is bright and breezy—there are roomy bedrooms for kids and plenty of space for them to grow and explore. We love that it’s an easy walk to great playgrounds, the zoo and on the practical side, groceries.

We have tremendous respect for curiosity, creativity and open-mindedness, and we will certainly encourage our kids to go on to college. That said, we know that education takes many forms and we firmly believe that each person’s path is different. With the goal of raising happy kids to be successful adults, we will encourage them to pursue whatever it is that they get excited about.

Our own career paths couldn’t be more different—and we both love what we do. Brett is a pediatrician who specializes in emergencies; she has a very flexible schedule that allows for many daytime hours off. Julien has put her custom carpentry business on the back burner in order to stay home with our kids while they are young. We are fortunate that our schedules allow us to avoid daycare and spend a lot of time together as a family. We can’t wait to share the adventures with another little one!

As you know, we are working with The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh. You can also feel free to email us dirrectly at JulienandBrettadopt@gmail.com

Again, thanks for your consideration. We hope to meet you soon!

-Julien & Brett