John and Marianne

Thank you so much for taking time to learn about us and giving us the opportunity to become parents.  Your amazing and selfless actions will allow a family the chance to provide endless love and support to a precious child.  If you choose us; we can make a promise that this child will always be safe, loved, and supported by us and our families.


Let us take a minute to briefly tell you the story about us.  We have been a couple for over 11 years now. Our story began at Robert Morris University (RMU) where we had a few classes together. John instantly fell head over heels for Marianne however she played hard to get for a little but finally gave into John’s charm. After college, we both began our careers at FedEx and have been there for over 10 years. John works in the logistics planning group and Marianne is an advisor in the pricing department.

In September 2010 we bought our first home, we both instantly fell in love with the large yard knowing it would be a great play area for our future children. A year later we were married in our backyard with our closest friends and family.  Ever since the day we met we knew we would be best friends.  We genuinely enjoy spending time with each other and cannot wait to add a child to the mix!  We both are interested in cars (our first date was at a car show) and love to take long car rides in John’s GTO.  We enjoy golfing, watching Pittsburgh sports, and taking our dog Bailey on long walks (she decides on where we go).  We take a big trip once a year and recently traveled to Disney World (John’s first time).

We always saw having a family as our next great adventure. After some long talks, tears, and a lot of prayers; we knew that adoption had been written on our hearts and we began a new and exciting journey.  Our friends and family are excited to help and welcome this new joy in our lives.  We recently have had close friends that adopted and to see the joy adoption brings to a family, we can’t wait to experience that happiness ourselves.


I was born and raised just north of Pittsburgh. I enjoy the outdoors, playing sports, listening/singing to music (I rock out every morning in the shower!) I am a do it yourselfer and I love to work on projects around the house or on our vehicles.  I look forward to having a little helper to hand me tools.  I have one brother that has been my best friend growing up.  We always were up to something like playing football, riding bikes, or just being boys. He now has two children that I love spending time with. One of the things I love most about growing up is family get-together’s.  We could sit for hours just having conversations and laughing.  All the cousins would play ping pong or hide n go seek when the family got together.  My grandparents always took the boys to church and we would go play bingo afterwards.  I look forward to carrying on some of these traditions with our child.  I taught my nephew how to ride a bike and I am excited to teach my own child.


I was born and grew up in the suburbs south of the Pittsburgh area.  After graduating from RMU I continued on to receive my Master’s in Business Administration from Waynesburg University. I played softball growing up and now like to go to several Pirates games each year.  Just like John, I like to work on cars and used to own and ride my own motorcycle. I enjoy decorating for all the holidays especially Halloween and Christmas! I look forward to carving pumpkins, decorating the Christmas tree, and doing Easter egg hunts with my child.  I’m a novice photographer and love taking pictures.  I am a very caring person and enjoy taking care of my family.  My grandparents played a big role in raising me. We would play board games, cards, do crafts and many other things until my Mom got home from work.  In recent years, I have helped care for my aging grandparents.  I enjoy going to my nephew’s hockey games and being that loud aunt cheering him on after every goal! I absolutely can’t wait for the day when I get to be in the stands cheering on our child at their events.


We are so excited to bring a child into our lives and to become parents. We are committed to teaching the values of respect, appreciation, and hard work that our parents and grandparents taught us. We believe we can provide a strong foundation of faith and family. We have a home that is loving, safe, and full of laughter. We want our child to develop resilience and confidence, make and support friends, and to be kind and develop independence. We cannot wait to start family traditions and add a lifetime of happy memories to our child’s life. We look forward to this new chapter in our lives and can’t wait to have lots of fun family adventures.


If we are chosen; we want you to know that this child will always be surrounded by unconditional love.  We are open to answering any questions you may have.  Thank you so much for considering us to be parents for your child and making an adoption plan.  We can be reached via phone or email anytime at (412) 353-9250 or