Dan and Kahmeela

Thank you for considering us, for taking the time to read our letter, and for being so selfless in giving us the opportunity to become parents by welcoming your baby into our loving home. In choosing us, please know that your child will be loved, protected, and nurtured for all of their life. We have always been committed to adopting a child, and we are excited for our family to grow.


In 2008, after several unrelated friends suggested we meet, we finally got together. We immediately dove into producing art exhibits and film competitions for local artists. After discovering that we had quite a bit in common, from life goals and values to a mutual love for geeky pop culture, we fell in love. We got married in 2010, at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, with our 5-pound dog, Professor Moriarty, walking us down the aisle.

Being people who are open minded yet different in some ways, we are often united by humor, creativity, and values. Faith, joy, hope and love are prominently represented at the center of our marriage. We both enjoy success in our respective fields of justice (Dan) and art production (Kahmeela). These vocations complement each other and help to make us a well-rounded couple. We thrive on giving back to our community and are blessed to have a lot of close, long-standing friends who support and love us like family.

On any given night in our home, you could find us cooking, playing board games, reading, or snuggling with our dogs, Professor and Albert, while enjoying movies. We love our home, which is close to the conveniences of the city, while being in a quiet neighborhood near a great park with good schools.

A note from Dan

Having grown up in Kansas City and St. Louis with an adoptive parent, I know that bond is as strong and loving as that of any of my biological relatives. I was a studious and serious young man with dreams of becoming a writer. I cultivated a career in community justice and learned not to take myself too seriously along the way. I started my law practice in St. Louis and maintain close friendships there. Five years after graduating law school from the University of Pittsburgh, they invited me to come back as a law professor. Once I decided to make this city my permanent home, I revived an arts program from St. Louis here in Pittsburgh, teaching financial stability to artists while giving them a space to enjoy creativity and fellowship — that is how I met Kahmeela.  I am a lawyer for the City of Pittsburgh now and my work is gratifying.  I also enjoy making music and cooking but marriage is my favorite part of my life.  Life with Kahmeela includes a lot of laughter, as well as creative space to write, perform and play.

A note from Kahmeela

Even though they live in Atlanta, my mom and sister are still very close with me. My mother made sure that my and my sister’s creative and artistic sides were nurtured, and I will do the same for my children. After spending my entire life in Toledo, OH, I came to Pittsburgh to study film and video at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I have managed to turn my fondness for film, art, and all things pop culture into a very satisfying and enjoyable career. My work includes photography, public art ,producing film competitions, hosting podcasts, and booking talent for comic conventions.

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and getting to know us as individuals and as a family. As you make your adoption plan, please consider us. We look forward to answering any questions you may have and can be reached via email at kahmeeladan@gmail.com.