Kate & James

Dear Birthparent,

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and give us the opportunity to tell you a little bit about us. We look forward to becoming parents and we appreciate and recognize all of the difficult decisions you have had to make to bring you to this moment. We will happily welcome into our family a child of any race and we are committed to making sure that as he or she grows up they will know their own wonderful and unique story.

Our Story

We met in 2007 at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort in Bedford Pa. James is a chef and Kate is a pastry chef.  We moved to the Pittsburgh area nine years ago for our careers and have been married since 2009.  When we first arrived in the area we had no plans to stay long term, but quickly changed our minds as our love for Pittsburgh grew.  We recognized the big city charms of the sports teams, the neighborhoods and culture, but also the beauty of the area’s rivers, lakes and mountains.  Pittsburgh is now our forever home and we look forward to sharing it with a child.


I grew up in a stable, loving home near Lake Erie. I am an only child and spent my time with parents, friends and family. We often visited the lake and enjoyed boating, swimming, and fishing.  As a young child we would travel to my mother’s home in Louisiana.   In high school I was on the football team and participated on the debate team.  After high school I attended the Pittsburgh Culinary Institute and graduated with a degree in Culinary Arts.  These days my kitchen role is as a head chef at a country club. I am a person of varied interests. I like outdoor activities around the water: boating, fishing, camping, and hiking.  Back closer to home I enjoy cooking, wood working, gardening and canning (making jams, pickles and sauces).  I also enjoy movies and dinners out with Kate.


I grew up in a stable, loving home in Maryland right outside of Washington D.C. I have one younger brother and he and his wife live in the South Hills. My parents recently relocated to the area to be closer to my brother and I, and any future grandchildren. Growing up I spent time on the water, like James, but my water was the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.  My brother and I spent many happy days, sailing, fishing, and swimming.  In high school I participated in the drama club, the art club and was a tour guide at our local history museum.  I graduated from the Culinary Institute of American in Hyde Park, NY with a degree in Pastry Arts and am currently working for a large food company.  Even though I am no longer near the bay and our trips to Lake Erie are not as frequent, James and I spend time at Moraine State Park at the water and hiking with our dogs.  I like to garden, read, crochet and have an avid interest in music and art.

Our Home

We live in the northern suburbs of the city. Living in this area provides us with a big back yard and the garden of a chef’s dreams.  We have Pittsburgh close at hand and the beautiful open spaces to come home to after a day in the city.  Our street is quiet and we have a fenced in back yard that would be just perfect for a swing set.  In addition to the garden we plant each year, we have fruit trees and berry bushes. We have nice neighbors who look out for each other and our school system is very highly rated,

Our Family and Friends

Genetics have never defined our family. Kate’s father, her aunt and uncle are all adopted.  There is a beautiful quote, “Friends are our chosen family”.  These few words ring true in our household. We have many close friends who have played important roles in our lives and are considered no less than family.  We are fortunate to have these wonderful people in our lives and everyone is very excited for a child to be joining us.  Kate’s parents have even volunteered to help with childcare for the first few years.

In addition to our human family members we also have several of the four legged variety. Two dogs, a cat, and a couple of guinea pigs. They are rescue animals and all named after food.  Our dogs, Pan, short for Pandowny and Hazel aka Hazelnut. The cat’s name is Ozzy, which is short for Ossobucco. They get along great with each other and our friends.

Just a few last thoughts…

We believe that everything happens for a reason. That we will do the best we can with the gifts that we have been given.  We value family above all else and hope to raise a strong, independent person who is successful in life in whatever they choose to do.  We believe in supporting their interests and passions.  We believe in education and plan to fully support our child’s educational dreams, just as our parents supported ours.

We understand that openness in this relationship ebbs and flows as life progresses and are willing to follow that flow to meet everyone’s needs and comforts. Now that you have read a bit about us we hope that you would like to know more. Please contact us at kate.james.houghton195@gmail.com. We can’t wait to hear from you!

                                                      Kate & James