Chapter 3: Connor Walks

Physical disabilities like Spina Bifida can have profound effects on a child's emotional and social development. To promote Connor's personal growth, Child's Way encouraged him, within the limits of safety and health, to be independent and to participate in activities with his peers. Connor worked tirelessly with the staff and his therapists. Every day was another step in the right direction.

Connor with Walker

In May of 2012, Amee came to pick Connor up the same way she did every other day. But this day was different...

"I walked into Child's Way and they said, 'Why don't you show mommy what you did today?' He turned around and he let go of the table and he walked over to me. I've never been so proud or happy or emotional about something in my entire life. It felt like the day he was born." -Amee Passione, Connor's Mom. 



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