Child Safety Fund

Program Overview

Our Child Safety Fund will raise money to support The Children’s Home and expand the range of materials that our social workers can provide to families of greatest need.

Sometimes, the kids we treat here in our Pediatric Specialty Hospital need something extra to keep them safe.  Usually, the most urgent need is an infant car seat. Please help us raise $5,000 so we can meet their safety needs.

Here at The Children’s Home, we believe very strongly in the old adage ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’.  Part of our commitment to prevention is helping our families in need with a little something extra. Most frequently, it’s a car seat, but sometimes it’s a reference guide specific for their child’s illness, or a pack-n-play so the child has somewhere safe to sleep and play.  All our families receive counseling through our social workers, but often they have no means with which to provide for their child and no extended family willing or able to help.  In these cases, which are all too common in these difficult times, The Children’s Home steps up to offer help, counseling and necessary supplies they might not otherwise be able to provide.

Car seats are a critical part of safely raising a child, and though many of our families don’t yet own a vehicle, a car seat plays a pivotal role in safely transporting a child. Since our families are also often facing future medical issues, it is even more critical that they have a safe and functional car seat.

Please note: all car seats must be new in box. This is a liability requirement in order for us to provide them to families.

Ways to Help

You can help make it a safer world for our kids:

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