Travis Turns 4 at Child's Way

Child’s Way® was filled with excitement and laughter this past Tuesday as we celebrated Travis Novotny's 4th birthday! “Travis usually has a big party with his family, with around 100 people attending”, said his mom Stefani. But since Stefani is expecting to have surgery in a couple days she decided to celebrate Travis’s birthday with all of his friends at Child's Way®.


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Child's Way® is a unique one of a kind pediatric extended day care center, serving medically fragile infants and children in western Pennsylvania. Travis is very special to The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh & Lemieux family Center, being adopted and having special needs. The staffs at Child's Way® have a spot in there hearts for Travis and continue to care for and encourage him everyday. Travis could not have got through these four years if it was not for his loving mother Stefani, who adopted Travis when he was only 5 months old.  


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Stefani, being a great supporter of The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh & Lemieux Family Center, wanted to give Travis and all the children at Child's Ways® a party they would never forget. The party got rolling when Pittsburgh's most famous family entertainer, Buffo “The Worlds Strongest Clown” arrived. Buffo put on an amazing show, keeping the kids involved and laughing non-stop. Every child in the room had a smile on their face while Buffo performed magic tricks and magically made animals appear for the children to pet. At the end of the show, almost every child had a clown nose on and was ready for part two of the birthday party - a moon bounce that was set up near the playground. Travis and the Children of Childs Way® were ecstatic and could not have had more fun.

The whole day was a success thanks to Travis's mom Stefani, Buffo “The worlds strongest Clown”, and the supervisors and staff of Childs Way®. One of the many reasons The Childrens Home of Pittsburgh & Lemieux Family Center is such a special facility!

30 June 2011, 14:44
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Happy Birthday Trav!!!!! It looks like everyone gad a great time :)