Percussionist Jeff Berman at Child's Way

Last week Jeff Berman, a percussionist from Gateway to the Arts performed for The Children's Home of Pittsburgh & Lemieux Family Center's children of Child's Way® medical day care. Jeff is a multi- instrumentalist, composer, improviser, and recording artist who uses music as a tool to teach kids to connect to something bigger then themselves, transcending their limitations.

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The program, "Listen Closely," taught by Jeff, helps children enhance their active listening skills to develop individual and group artistry. "Everyone has rhythm," said Jeff. "Art and music are used to uplift your spirit, educationally and emotionally." Helping the children of Child's Way express their creativity and focus on uplifting music can help keep their mind-set joyous and content on the present.


During the show, Jeff kept the children involved by passing out shakers while they played together as a band. Every child in the room had a smile on their face as they created a fun environment using different kinds of musical instruments from all over the world. Jeff made a great impression and impact on the children and staff of Child's Way and we hope to see him back in the future!


14 July 2011, 12:26
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