Child's Way experiments with Bubble Science

The staff and children of Child's Way® were extra bubbly last Tuesday! Mindy from the Carnegie Science Center’s Discovery Days with Science on the Road visited us to present Bubble Science, a hands-on program that teaches young children about chemistry. At first, all watched with awe as Mindy created bubbles as big as a preschooler. Next, she made bubbles with Helium which floated to the ceiling. Finally, it was everyone’s turn to try and the Child’s Way students filled the conference room with their laughter and smiles as they blew bubbles of all shapes and sizes.

Teacher smiling and child clapping as they experiment with bubbles Teacher creating bubbles while student watches in awe

“Making learning exciting and interactive is always our goal,” says Arran Harland, Educational Coordinator at Child’s Way. “From special programs such as this, the kids will not only remember all the fun they had blowing bubbles, but also that the Helium bubbles floated higher than all the other bubbles. That’s science!” Other recent interactive programs include the music-focused Listen Closely, and the creative movement program ABC Animals on the Move.

Group of teachers and students looking intently at Mindy, the bubble demonstrator

We extend our sincerest thanks to the Luke Hadley Foundation for bringing smiles to medically fragile children with their generous support of field trips and guest programming at The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh & Lemieux Family Center.

We would also like to extend a “Thank You!” to the Carnegie Science Center and Mindy for the interactive presentation. We appreciate you bringing the field trip to us!


Mindy, the bubble demonstrator, shows how to make a larger bubble


27 September 2011, 17:22
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