Benefits of Childs Way

Each Child Receives:

  • consistent, high-quality physician ordered care coordinated by a primary nurse
  • constant medical attention and management
  • daily individual nursing assessments
  • early identification and treatment of potential health problems
  • developmental assessments and monitoring by a child development specialist
  • coordination of medical care services, developmental care, and therapies in one location
  • nutrition
  • recreation
  • daily educational programs including music, art, stories and more
  • monthly supplimental enrichment activities  

Benefits to Children:

  • Consistent, highly skilled pediatric nursing care combined with parent teaching results in fewer hospital admissions and emergency room visits for children and their families.
  • Activities, interaction with other children and therapies at Child’s Way ensure that each child receives the physical, emotional and intellectual stimulation that he or she needs to live a fuller, happier life and reach developmental milestones.
  • Child’s Way staff works closely with other agencies, organizations and schools in the area to assist with transitioning children from Child's Way to appropriate preschool and school programs that will meet their educational needs. 

Benefits for Parents:

When your child is at Child’s Way, you can feel comfortable knowing that your child is being cared for by a qualified, professional staff. We invite you to participate in parent meetings and network with other families with medically fragile children to help you feel at ease in participating in the therapeutic life of your child. Receive information in managing your child’s care and daily updates on your child’s activities and medical treatments. Let us help you minimize the stress in your family environment.

The Children's Home of Pittsburgh & Lemieux Family Center 5324 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15224 Phone: 412-441-4884 Fax: 412-441-0167