The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh offers comprehensive Search Program Services available to adoptees, their family members, and birthparents whose adoption was coordinated and/or finalized by The Children’s Home. Individuals capable of utilizing these services are:

  • adoptees 18 years of age or older
  • adoptive parents (if the adoptee is under the age of 18)
  • birthparents (if the child they placed for adoption is currently 21 years of age or older)
  • siblings and grandparents of adoptees
  • descendants of adoptees

The Children’s Home offers three levels of Search Program Services, all provided by a trained adoption professional appointed as our authorized representative:

  • non-identifying
  • partial search (identifying)
  • full search

Fees for search program services completed by The Children’s Home:

  • $100 fee for non-identifying
  • $250 fee for partial search
  • $500 fee for full search

You may begin the process by submitting the Search Services Request Form. You may also contact Kristin M. Thompson, MSW, Authorized Search Representative, with any questions or inquiries about the process at 412-441-4884 ext. 2051 or

Act 101

In 2011 amendments to the Adoption Act, known as Act 101 of 2010 have:

  • Expanded who can search or be the subject of a search:
    • Adoptees
    • Birthparents and Siblings
    • Descendants, Adoptive Parents, and Birth Grandparents
  • Improved access to adoption information by requesting:
    • Non-identifying Information
    • Identifying Information
    • Contact
  • Designated Authorized Search Representatives throughout Pennsylvania
  • Provided an option for the establishment of an enforceable voluntary post adoption agreement (PACA) for ongoing communication between birthparents and adoptive parents
  • Expanded the Adoption Medical Registry run by the state and created the Pennsylvania Adoption Information Registry (PAIR).

For more information about Act 101, please contact Kristin M. Thompson, MSW, Authorized Search Representative, at 412-441-4884 ext. 2051 or