Even if you don’t use our agency for a full-service adoption, you can choose to have your family study conducted by a Social Worker from The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh. We can conduct your family study whether you are pursuing a private/independent adoption or an out-of-state adoption with another agency. We do require that you have an identified attorney or agency before beginning the family study process. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide family studies for those pursuing international adoption.

Our Social Workers conduct family studies and submit them to the appropriate court, agency, or attorney. Family studies can generally be completed within six weeks after all application materials are completed and submitted to The Children’s Home.

What is the fee for a Family Study?

The Children’s Home’s fee for a domestic adoption family study is $2,000. The Children’s Home also does updates to family studies that were originally completed by The Children’s Home, for $1,400.

If your adoption requires post-placement reports, our Social Workers can complete those for $400 each.

For more information, or to request The Children’s Home for your family study or post-placement report, contact our Adoption Program at 412-441-4884.