7 Ways To Build A Open Adoption Relationship

Now that you’ve returned home with your new baby, how do you know the best way to go about sharing info and keeping the birthparents informed with updates as the baby grows up? It is not always easy working through the unfamiliar emotions that can arise during an open adoption relationship; however, there are some critical ways you can make the experience easier for both parties involved. Today, the Children’s Home of Pittsburgh is giving you tips and ways you can build a healthy and strong open adoption relationship with your child’s birthparents!

Similar to any committed relationship, building a strong relationship with your child’s birthparents takes time. It’s important to understand and respect each person’s specific role in the child’s life.

As your open adoption relationship grows and develops, make sure to provide your child’s birthparents with opportunities to see that their baby is happy and healthy. When you do this, you’re being respectful and honoring the adoption plan they made for their child.

Include your child’s birthparents in exciting milestones as well as what you see as mundane, everyday activities. You might tell them what the child’s favorite book or toy is, share funny habits, and send close-up pictures. You can share through phone calls, letters, emails, videos, social media updates, or visits. Sharing these things can help them heal and move forward post-placement.

Keeping open communication with the birthparents is important so you can develop a plan for contact early on. It is important to maintain open communication with your child’s birthparents, as in any other interpersonal relationship.

7 Ways To Build A Strong Open Adoption Relationship

Below are 7 great ways to share information and updates with your child’s birthparents to help build a strong open relationship. You’ll want to choose the ones that feel right for your family.

  1. Share the dates that your child reaches developmental milestones.
  2. Plan visits in advance so that your child’s birthparents know when the next time will be to get together.
  3. Consider buying a thank you gift to the child’s birthparents. One idea could be to buy two identical stuffed animals- one stays with the baby and one goes with the birthparent. 
  4. Provide your child’s birthparents with a list of your child’s first words.
  5. Send your child’s birthparents updates after your child’s doctor checkups.  They will love to hear his/her height and weight for example!
  6. Once your child begins to color with crayons, have him/her draw a picture for his/her birthparents. 
  7. Buy a small photo album and fill it with photos of your child (trips, vacations, holidays, etc.)

We hope you received value from the 7 ways to build a strong open adoption relationship. If you are pregnant and would like to meet with a birthparent counselor, or are interested in learning more about how to adopt a baby or child, please contact us at 412-441-4884 or info@chomepgh.org.